The anticipation of the beautiful season is like the whisper of a new beginning.
Treat yourself to the luxury of lightweight fabrics, delicately woven to capture the fleeting spring breeze.
Discover the collection that embodies the essence of rebirth.



With foundations formed by creative fusion between Scandinavian design and Italian workmanship, every day we present products built on passion, pride, a clear vision and tireless experimentation. We transform natural materials into magnificent objects for you to look at and wear. Every day.

It all began on a night out in the winding streets of the Marais in the 1980s. Among the bright lights and tables of a bar, two Danish designers were picturing their future. There was an illuminated sign above the till and they noticed that the last letter was written by hand. The sign said “Transit”.

A number of decades have gone by, we have taken on numerous challenges and the two Danish designers have been replaced by Italian creative talents. They have kept the vibrant, lively spirit of those early days alive. Also still with us is that last letter, which refuses to remain confined within the font. It disregards the rules of symmetry in graphic design and plays freely.

We preserve our human touch, along with our fondness for our homeland and a sense of belonging that urges us to ensure that every stage in the product process is completed under our roof.

We are Transit. We have Italian hearts and entrepreneurial spirits.

Our collections stem from an exceptional vision and a question that is always pressing: how do you transform a thread of cotton, linen or silk into something magnificent? We are devoted to our work, learn from our mistakes and bravely break new ground. Every result is a step forward in the direction of the perfection that we offer season after season.

Just like you, our products do not follow fads. With clean-cut lines and unfailingly astonishing blends of materials, they span the seasons and are suitable for everything from sitting on the sofa and working in the office to travelling and shopping. They are cliché-free but their character is plain to see in every single detail.

We like to go against the trend. We are bored by banality and prefer to be curious, discover new combinations, reveal even more sophisticated shades, and carry on experimenting a little more, pushing beyond the permitted boundaries so that we are easily recognizable at all times.